Covert your piano into a player piano with Pianodisc.  Go to and learn about how you can covert your piano into a player piano using state of the art digital and wireless technology, 

Paul Dewalt is a Certified Pianodisc Installer.  See the slide show on the "Store" page of Pianodisc digital player piano installation.   

Paul Dewalt, RPT
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Pianodisc digital player pianos systems installations


Pianos using climate control systems have better tuning stability and all piano systems--action, soundboard, bridges, keys--are protected.

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Key Repair

Chipped Keys Before Repair

After Repair

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String and Soundboard Dust Covers prevent dust and dirt from accumulating over time.

  • Dust is a moisture magnet and ages your piano faster. Keep your piano looking like this
  • Dust covers are available in a variety of colors, borders, and with your piano's name stitched on them. 
  • They don't impede the volume because battens rest on the plate and not the strings.
  • They are easy to remove and clean.
  • Ordering,installation, delivery,and thorough soundboard cleaning included.

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Dehumidifier with humidistat

Preserve your piano from humidity and dryness with dehumidifier and humidifier systems installed inside your piano.  Starting at $94.50!

Benches, Stools, Metronomes, Lamps, Music Music Chest, Key Cover Locks,  Composer Statuettes, Cleaning Products for Keys and Cabinet....

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Dehumidifier and humidifier