For Sale Steinway After Restoration (below) $12,500 

Clearance $2,500.

***REDUCED Pianodisc Player Installations Only $5400!  Compare QRS Price

Pianos And Services Tallahassee

Music InstructionPatti Brownstein, (850) 668-7529, (850) 443-1696, cell; Nadiya I Caspary, M.A. (850) 491-6495; Ruben Malan, DM, piano and keyboard, (850) 894-1298; Alice Blackhall, voice, (850) 877-6509; Legacy School of Performing Arts, (850) 322-4061; Linda Collins, Cabin Hill Music, Inc., piano and dulcimer, (850) 671-3674; Angel de Armendi, piano/accompaniment, (850) 241-3417;   Music Lessons Express, variety, (850) 219-3653; Anka Pink, piano, (850) 559-6151; Debra Ray, piano, (850 228-0412; Desiree Stant, piano, (850) 830-1427; Steve Sternberg, piano, sax, flute, harmonica, (850) 893-4219; S. Georgia Academy of Music, variety, (229) 294-0838.

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Paul Dewalt, RPT
(850) 339-2415, cell

(850) 385-7675, shop 

Tallahassee, the "Panhandle," and S. Georgia
email:pdewalt@embarqmail.com or dewaltpianoshop @gmail.com

TUNING Rates:100-$125Call or Email for a rate in your area.  Tunings include basic action and pedal service. A written estimate will be provided for additional services if needed.

Steinway Model F circa 1898-99 

"Absolutely beautiful instrument. I saw this in person on Sept 3rd 2016 and am THRILLED to say that this 101 year old beauty now has a new home. Great work by Paul Dewalt."   Stephen Brittain

Baldwin B47 243 2016 Clearance--40% Savings!

Baldwin B252  2016 Clearance--40% Savings!